I have been designing and repairing tube audio equipment since 1969. During this period I have provided warranty and repair for the majority of amp manufacturers. Sevicing electronic equipment ranging from military surplus to audiophile from all parts of the world, I have developed a knowledge of all types of construction practices and component behavior that work for me in design, repair and upgrading amps.

Component selection for either repair or new design is paramount to the sound of the amp. Testing new entries in everything from transformers to resistors is an ongoing process to find what actually works and how well it's manufactured. A balanced component selection is essential to the sonics and response of any amp.

As I am not a musician I have an unbiased approach and let the players guide me to the sound they are looking for.

The amps I build or service are set up to use current production tubes. NOS[new old stock] stocks are diminishing, prices are rising rapidly and the quality is getting poorer as stocks are picked over.

Capacitors and resistors are a hotly debated topic, blind listening tests are very illuminating and the results are suprising.  One can mix and match to alter the tonal response of an amp.

I do not offer a line of amps. What I do at Cory Davies Audio is custom building of between ten or twelve amps a year, mostly on a commission basis for individual musicians. Building is an interactive process between the musician and myself, from selecting the preamp configuration right through to output stage design.

A key step to my building approach is that the final tuning is done in the shop with the musician and their guitar. Musicians leave the shop with the satisfaction of being part of the design process to dial in their sound. I very seldom will build two amps the same.

I also build two or three amps a year that are used to test new concepts and
designs. When I am finished with them they are offered for sale.

Whether its repair or new building, attention to detail, layout and components are of absolute importance to determine the enjoyment and life of an amp

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